Welcome to my new Code Geass translation project!

Welcome, Code Geass fans one and all! As previously announced, I’m starting up (another) new Code Geass project, this time focusing on the light novel spin-offs that haven’t been adapted until now. I’ve been intending to do this one for a while now, but finally managed to get started on it quite recently. To be clear, I’m referring to the light novels that haven’t been adapted into English. As many know, the first season adaptation volumes were released quite some time ago by Bandai, but since then there has been no sign of further releases. (I’ve seen notices for the release of the first volume of the R2 adaptations, but I’ve never heard of anyone that actually saw a copy, so unless I’m directly warned by the company, I’m going to treat it as unpublished in English.) I’m doing this because I really enjoyed reading the adaptations of the first season, which gave insight into the characters in ways that only the written word can. Hopefully, other CG fans will enjoy the chance to look deeper into the lives of their favorite characters.

Now, like I’ve said in the past, I’m the kind of guy that juggles many projects at once, and I’ve also recently started a new LN translation over at NanoDesu Translations. That project is going to be my main one while this one is going to be secondary, but I’ll still try to update regularly enough to avoid long breaks between updates. I know that this may disappoint some people, but I’ve made commitments, and while I love Code Geass, it is ultimately a solo hobby of mine, so my work with other people comes first.

Anyway, let me explain the order I’m going to translate in. Before starting on the R2 adaptations, I’m going to translate the side story volumes. There are four of them, which I will translate in the following order:

-Red Tracks (a novel following Kallen as the protagonist, occurring both before and during the first season)
-Knights of Rounds (a novel following Suzaku along with Gino and Anya, set mostly during the time between R1 and R2, although there is a special chapter that goes into the past and follows Marianne as a Knight of Rounds before she became an Empress)
-Ashford Student Council Events Journal (two novels set in R1 and R2 respectively, basically following the unseen shenanigans of the student council in their peaceful everyday lives)

I’ve only just started Red Tracks, and have posted a small portion of its first chapter here. (Further updates are expected soon.) Once all the side story volumes are done, however, there are two options for what I will do next: I can start translating the R2 novels… or, I can work on the Akito the Exiled spin-off light novels, which are being released about the same time as the OVAs and are currently at two volumes. Honestly, I’m not sure which is a better idea right now, so I’ll wait and see how I feel when all the side stories are out of the way, and also ask at that point what you readers want to see first.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The site’s current design is temporary until I can arrange something better, so if anyone has any suggestions for changing¬† and improving it, please let me know.

-Eternal Dreamer

P.S. I’m also looking for a dedicated editor, mostly for finding grammar mistakes or forgotten words when I’m careless, though input on better phrasing would also be appreciated. If anyone is interested, please contact me at my email, unknown0entity@gmail.com. Full understanding and comprehension of English is required, and the editor needs to be able to keep up a regular pace. It will basically be on a first come first served basis, and I will make a notification when the post has been filled.